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When no one is looking…..it’s the little things…

Uncategorized May 21, 2019

If you’ve lost direction, momentum, focus or become downright frustrated with the unfruitful effort you’ve put in to become a “better you” – relax.

Start by seeing today as an opportunity to take a series of steps in another direction.

Where do you start? With a thought.

A powerful, decisive thought.

A thought that will set in motion the course of change and momentum of acceleration.

If your life is a journey, that itself, implies motion from A to B.

The thing is, "B" is a moving target. Something you never “arrive” at, as the destination keeps shifting.

The point is though, you’re moving.

How do you move? Through Steps.

Steps take you from one place to another. With steps you can change direction, increase your pace, slow down, pivot as required (to use today’s most fashionable word).

You can also Stop. Simply by refusing to take steps.

Your steps are your decisions. One by one they come. And not just the big ones.

The big steps are things like what do I study, what job do I do, what business do I start, who do I marry, do I have children, where do I live.

But the small steps are the ones that take you into the position from which you are able to make the big steps from a powerful position.

These small steps are happening all day, every day. Do I engage in gossip about that person? Do I dwell on the snide comment that came my way from that girl across in the hallway? Do I spend all my free moments in front of a screen or do I create space to pursue my dreams.

Do I allow seeds of worry to take root in the soil of my mind and grow, or do I arrest those thoughts and make a decision to take a step back, assess rationally, and dream about what “could be” instead of “what is”.

Your confidence, self-worth and value come from who you see yourself to be.

You know yourself better than anyone, no tricks or airs and graces here – what you observe about yourself when no one is looking is who believe you really are.

You aren’t who you put on in public. It’s who you are in private. When nobody is listening. With no audience around.

So that begs the "most important" question here......

If your confidence and value comes from your view of yourself, isn’t it worth the effort to be the person you want to be even when no one else in looking.

Today, I encourage you to make a series of small decisions (in private) and see how you feel after a day of that. Then try it for a week. Then keep going for a month.

You’ll stumble, you’ll fall. That’s ok.

The great part of that is you recognise it, which helps you to re-align, get back on your horse, and stay on your journey.

At least you’re moving. You’re being more intentional about your steps.

Make a quality decision today, to take three steps throughout the day different yesterday, or what you normally do.

It might not seem like a lot but it’s’ a great place to start. And the stakes are so high – because it’s your future we’re talking about.

You owe it to yourself to give it your best. So you can BE your best!

"Whether you believe you can, or you can't - you're right" (Henry Ford)

Know that you can do it! Because you absolutely CAN.

"Everything is possible to the one who believes" (Jesus)

But don't start trying to move the mountain. Start by mastering the mindset.

And break it down further. Those thoughts you think on a regular basis.

The daily thoughts that determine how you see YOURSELF. The rest will follow.

You’ve got this!!

Take those small steps.

As the saying goes, the Journey of 1000 miles beings with a single step.

Start today.



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