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Whether you’re looking for inspiration, wisdom or some good old practical advice, you’ll find it here – with our primary focus being insights for young marketers who are on the journey to discovering their place in our booming industry.

How To Thrive As A Young Marketer In Our “New Normal”

Uncategorized May 31, 2020

In order to thrive in our “new normal”, adaptability and a nose for opportunity are a must, especially for those starting out, where recruitment and internships have been placed on pause indefinitely. 

The big question now, is not "if", but HOW you adapt.

Many industries are being massively disrupted, and the last three months is just the start.

There is much more change yet to come.

While some sectors such as hospitality, tourism and healthcare have had massive disruption very quickly, pretty much every industry will go through change in some way.

The disruption to the education sector (long overdue) is just beginning and we’ll see those changes evolve over the next few years.

So what should you be doing?

Should you be just waiting it out and hoping things return to normal sooner rather than later, or should you be considering a completely new approach?


Finding New Opportunities

For those who are ready to put in the work and creatively...

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How to Land Your First Client as a Freelancer

Uncategorized Apr 22, 2020


Australia’s workforce is continually changing and with the advent of a global pandemic, the growth of technology, and right now more and more businesses are turning to freelancers to fulfill roles.

A study by Upwork found that 4.1 million Aussies — or one-third of the workforce — are now freelancers. Another 746,000 are freelancing on the side whilst earning a salary.

But the freelance economy isn’t just booming here. Internationally, it’s taking off too.

In fact, the Freelancing in America report found that by 2027 the majority of workers in the U.S. will be freelancers, and although income predictability is a common challenge, 63 percent freelance by choice.

People are gravitating towards freelancing because it gives them flexibility and autonomy over their work. In fact, freelancers serve positives for business owners and founders of start-ups too.

Choosing to hire freelancers over full-time or part-time staff allows owners to...

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Landing Your First Dream Job


If you’re serious about landing your dream job in the marketing industry you have to put in the work. But the good news is, by taking proactive steps, you can show potential employers exactly why they should hire you.

The job search is usually a dreaded phase of anyone’s career and all too often it becomes an endless slog of spray-and-pray style applications, hoping that you get a few bites at an in-person interview. 

Some people are lucky enough to land their dream jobs this way, but many end up taking a job they don’t really want just to gain experience and some income after years of study. 

Others, don’t leave their careers up to chance; instead, they take a step back and ask themselves what brands or companies they really want to work for, and put some serious thought into how to go about getting their attention. 

While doing this is valuable for anyone looking to land a top position, it is especially helpful for those with very...

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Adapting To The New Marketing Landscape


How do you develop your strategic, creative and analytical skills as an early-stage marketer when you’re placed into a tactical role and given a very specific set of tasks to do in your first marketing job or internship?

The landscape is changing faster than ever as marketing techniques and processes to develop hand-in-hand with new technologies.

For young marketers and those just starting out, navigating our fast-evolving industry can be extremely daunting.

While timeless skills such as strategy, creativity and analytical skills reign supreme, understanding the context in which these need to operate is a skill until itself.

Of course strategy is paramount, and the last thing you want to is run from one shiny new tool to the next, caught up in tactics and trying to learn a myriad of hyper-specific digital tools just for the sake of it.

But the reality is, if you’re starting out in an entry-level marketing role, you’re most likely going to be involved in...

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How Being a Marketing Newbie Can Be an Advantage

Being light on marketing experience does not automatically mean you can’t land your dream job. Here’s a sure-fire way to change things – and it’s easier than you probably think!

Many marketing newbies see their lack of experience as a hindrance to landing their ideal job, and because of that try to cover it up as much as possible in an attempt to seem more seasoned than they actually are. 

They tend to fluff up their resumes with any kind of “experience” they can squeeze into it - that time you sat in a branding meeting with your university association? Branding Consultant! 

How about that time you promoted your group’s event for a few weeks using Facebook Ad Campaigns? Social Media Marketer. 

Most companies can see right through these pseudo-credentials, but fortunately, there is an alternative to hiding your experience.

In fact it’s a way to make your lack of experience actually work FOR you - and that is to embrace...

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When no one is looking…..it’s the little things…

Uncategorized May 21, 2019

If you’ve lost direction, momentum, focus or become downright frustrated with the unfruitful effort you’ve put in to become a “better you” – relax.

Start by seeing today as an opportunity to take a series of steps in another direction.

Where do you start? With a thought.

A powerful, decisive thought.

A thought that will set in motion the course of change and momentum of acceleration.

If your life is a journey, that itself, implies motion from A to B.

The thing is, "B" is a moving target. Something you never “arrive” at, as the destination keeps shifting.

The point is though, you’re moving.

How do you move? Through Steps.

Steps take you from one place to another. With steps you can change direction, increase your pace, slow down, pivot as required (to use today’s most fashionable word).

You can also Stop. Simply by refusing to take steps.

Your steps are your decisions. One by one they come. And not just the big ones.

The big steps...

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Internships - Turn your unpaid work experience into your dream job by mastering these 7 simple traits

mandi davies May 10, 2019


My own journey in marketing started later in life after ten years in the workforce, firstly in a primary school library followed by the mines.


At age 27 I decided I couldn’t do the slaving for money life anymore – and that events was the career for me. After applying for a few local jobs, and not hearing back, I decided to make the dreaded call to a missed opportunity. What was wrong with me?


After a brief discussion I was abruptly told “You don’t have a degree”, and that was enough for me to march into my dirty donga office and hand in my resignation – I was off to school.


It took two weeks at university to realise events wasn’t the career for me either. I was in a room filled of 18 year old’s with buzzing energy and the desire to work all over the world. I’d be leaving a 30 year old – I’d be looking to settle down by then, wouldn’t I?


So, I side-stepped into a marketing major...

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