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LYMC caters to the students who are in the final year of their marketing studies or have already graduated and are looking for a marketing role, or are currently working in the industry and are wanting to better-position themselves for a promotion. We are ideal if you:

→ Are trained in marketing ready to kick start your marketing career
→ Are tired of spending dozens of hours applying for jobs – only to be unsuccessful or not even hear back
→ Studied marketing a few years ago and have been working in a dead-end job or non-marketing role and are struggling to catch a break
→ Want to grow your network in a community of supportive and inspiring marketers
→ Are hungry to grow your confidence and marketing experience

LYMC is not a membership for people who have never studied marketing and are wanting to learn how to be a marketer. It is for those who want a change to put the theory they have previously studied into practice and use that to kick-start or level up in their marketing career. We aren’t a great fit for you if you:

→ Aren’t willing to put in the work to improve your skills as a marketer
→ Aren’t going to apply yourself, follow the courses or be consistent
→ Don’t think there’s more to being a great marketer than having “head knowledge” and don’t care about developing your character and personal skills
→ Already think you know everything. We are a community of life-long learners, an absolute must in our profession these days.

Absolutely! LYMC will guide you every step of the way - from how to identify your niche, to how to follow up after the interview. Plus, our community is there to support you throughout the entire journey. 

You get full access to the platform straight away – so no waiting for content to be released to you. We are continually updating and releasing new and exciting courses – so your Training Vault and library will continue to support you in growing.

LYMC operates as a fully interactive online platform, with materials provided that can be downloaded and used on an ongoing basis.

Our platform is built to support you long after you land your first job in the marketing industry. And we’re constantly building out more tools and pathways for those who are in the early stages of their career. That said, if you would like to cancel your membership, you can do so at any time. Simply go to the Settings Tab, and click Cancel my Membership.

It's not recommended, as we do not teach you the basics of how to market, it assumes you have done some training already and our methods focus on helping you communicate a very clear value proposition in a way that becomes irresistible to prospective employers.

If you are a first or second year student you are generally advised to wait until your final semester to undertake the program to obtain maximum benefit from it. If you are in your final year, or a masters student you will benefit from the program as it means you will complete your degree fully "job-ready".

It depends. If you are mature age and have professional experience already then it would be a good fit. Or if you are super eager and passionate to start your job-readiness as soon as you can, and are keen to get started with internships and practical training before you complete your studies then you’ll find it valuable. But if you are new to marketing and don’t have a solid understanding of basic marketing principles we suggest you focus on those first and come back when you’re closer to graduating. We’ll still be here for you then!

Yes! As long as you have good command of English and have a marketing degree, and passion, enthusiasm and determination, you have the ingredients for a great job in Australia. And one of our member forums is dedicated to serving the international marketing students so you’ll feel right at home!

The most important thing you need is to be able to demonstrate to a prospective employer that you are going to deliver real business value for them. An internship can be a good way to demonstrate this, if approached the right way, but it's not mandatory and there are other options, which we outline through our programs. 

You'll need to speak to your accountant but yes, normally professional memberships like this are considered a business expenses and can be claimed.

That’s completely up to you, so you will get as much value out of it as you put in the time. We recommend at a minimum 4-6 hours a month at an absolute minimum – to attend the Monthly Masterclass, Live Q&A, and checking into the forums every few days.

However if you are keen and hungry to accelerate quickly, there is plenty of ongoing training for you to take advantage of. For example, if you are doing the “Get Your Marketing Job” program as part of your membership it is recommended to allow for about 8 hours each week, over and above the rest of the training.

Some weeks may be longer, others shorter. This includes time viewing the training materials, participating in mentoring sessions - all of which is going to be a very worthwhile investment into yourself and pay dividends for years to come!

Lots of ways! We outline that in our onboarding training. Some of the ways include becoming a thought leader through valuable contribution in our member forums. There are some great senior marketers and industry leaders in our community there to give back, and they have a keen eye for up and coming talent. If you have relevant content there are also pathways to have that published.

Absolutely! Community is a two-way street and benefits everyone. And while the majority of the training is geared towards young marketers starting out, we regularly bring in experts in various fields as Personal Branding, Networking, Social Media, AI & Marketing Technologies. We don’t dive super deep into these areas as that’s not our function, but if you’re keen to maintain your industry edge across a broad range of areas then it would be valuable to you. Plus, if you run a team you might just find and build a relationship with your next talented marketer in our online community!

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We're standing by for you. Just send us an email at [email protected] and we'll help you out with whatever you need.


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