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After vigorous research, testing and re-testing, our team has come up with these foolproof ways to learn and make the most out of the LYMC membership.

Regularly updated online courses created especially for young marketers that will help you become the best marketer you can be.

We understand that it's not easy to remember everything, so we've created a library of valuable and highly relevant resources.

Marketers helping other marketers - this is our vision and to achieve this we have created a safe and supportive space to learn from and connect with professionals and peers.

Through our Forums you can connect with qualified and vetted Internship Opportunities that will provide clear professional pathways and outcomes.

Monthly Mastery Sessions and workshops with industry professionals. These include Masterclasses, Q&A Calls and Hotseat Coaching opportunities.

Live Events specifically focused on providing practical solutions to the most common issues faced by young marketers - and real life connections!

Mentor Marketplace - where you can meet industry professionals who are keen to mentor younger marketers. 


Marketing profession in Australia is set to double by 2020
to 120K marketers!
47% of Employers will be seeking additional Marketing staff this financial year.

* Source: Australian Jobs 2016
^Source: Hayes Job Report 2018

Trends indicate that 65% of employers will be giving out pay rises to marketing staff.
There has been 13.3% upsurge
in marketing jobs over the
last 5 years!

With the changing trends in the job landscape as well as marketing industry, now is the perfect time to land that dream job you have been looking for!

LYMC provides ongoing support and upskilling opportunities to support you on your journey to become the best marketer you can be. Here’s what some of our members have to say…

"Thanks for creating a community for aspiring marketers to come together and discuss all things marketing - digital marketing, career path and future of marketing. Most importantly supporting each other to be the best marketer we can be - however that might look like for each one of us!"
~ Jesslyn Lan
Marketing Coordinator

"Just wanted to send a huge shout out for building this community! It's encouraging to have someone in your position so passionate about helping those of us who need a little guidance."
~ Jessica Huddy
Digital Marketing Coordinator

"Firstly, I really appreciate the amount of effort you take to go out of your way and help us young marketers in so many ways. A lot of insights that has definitely gotten me thinking about what kind of marketer would be the most suitable for my profile and personality. It is motivation galore!"
~ Anala Gururaj
Customer Relations Officer



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