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Whether you’re looking for inspiration, wisdom or some good old practical advice, you’ll find it here – with our primary focus being insights for young marketers who are on the journey to discovering their place in our booming industry.

How Being a Marketing Newbie Can Be an Advantage

Being light on marketing experience does not automatically mean you can’t land your dream job. Here’s a sure-fire way to change things – and it’s easier than you probably think!

Many marketing newbies see their lack of experience as a hindrance to landing their ideal job, and because of that try to cover it up as much as possible in an attempt to seem more seasoned than they actually are. 

They tend to fluff up their resumes with any kind of “experience” they can squeeze into it - that time you sat in a branding meeting with your university association? Branding Consultant! 

How about that time you promoted your group’s event for a few weeks using Facebook Ad Campaigns? Social Media Marketer. 

Most companies can see right through these pseudo-credentials, but fortunately, there is an alternative to hiding your experience.

In fact it’s a way to make your lack of experience actually work FOR you - and that is to embrace...

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