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Whether you’re looking for inspiration, wisdom or some good old practical advice, you’ll find it here – with our primary focus being insights for young marketers who are on the journey to discovering their place in our booming industry.

Landing Your First Dream Job


If you’re serious about landing your dream job in the marketing industry you have to put in the work. But the good news is, by taking proactive steps, you can show potential employers exactly why they should hire you.

The job search is usually a dreaded phase of anyone’s career and all too often it becomes an endless slog of spray-and-pray style applications, hoping that you get a few bites at an in-person interview. 

Some people are lucky enough to land their dream jobs this way, but many end up taking a job they don’t really want just to gain experience and some income after years of study. 

Others, don’t leave their careers up to chance; instead, they take a step back and ask themselves what brands or companies they really want to work for, and put some serious thought into how to go about getting their attention. 

While doing this is valuable for anyone looking to land a top position, it is especially helpful for those with very...

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