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Whether you’re looking for inspiration, wisdom or some good old practical advice, you’ll find it here – with our primary focus being insights for young marketers who are on the journey to discovering their place in our booming industry.

Internships - Turn your unpaid work experience into your dream job by mastering these 7 simple traits

mandi davies May 10, 2019


My own journey in marketing started later in life after ten years in the workforce, firstly in a primary school library followed by the mines.


At age 27 I decided I couldn’t do the slaving for money life anymore – and that events was the career for me. After applying for a few local jobs, and not hearing back, I decided to make the dreaded call to a missed opportunity. What was wrong with me?


After a brief discussion I was abruptly told “You don’t have a degree”, and that was enough for me to march into my dirty donga office and hand in my resignation – I was off to school.


It took two weeks at university to realise events wasn’t the career for me either. I was in a room filled of 18 year old’s with buzzing energy and the desire to work all over the world. I’d be leaving a 30 year old – I’d be looking to settle down by then, wouldn’t I?


So, I side-stepped into a marketing major...

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